Dunya Banquet Hall, is a family run and operated restaurant that was established in 1989 in the heart of Alexandria, Virginia.  Being in business for a little more than twenty years, Dunya Banquent Hall is considered a local Afghani food staple in the NoVA community. With the majority of our regular restaurant patrons being US congressmen and women that live in the NoVA area, Dunya Banquet Hall has become one of the standard catering services to Capitol Hill events and lunches. Dunya Banquet Hall has been gifted by our special friends on the Hill, the actual American Flag that flew over the U.S Capitol Hill. This special American Flag is displayed and featured on our restaurant’s walls, in addition to photos of our special friends on the Hill with the Abassi Family.

The Abassi family started in the restaurant business way before moving to the United States from Afghanistan and Pakistan to starting their restaurant in the late 80s and early 90s. With past experiences in operating restaurants in both Afghanistan and Pakistan under their belt, the Abassi family brings their expert knowledge in traditional Afghan cooking and flavor from their family kitchen to your table. From baking your bread in a traditional tandoor oven to introducing new spices and flavors to your palette, coming to Dunya Banquet Hall is a chance for all to experience the Abassi family’s perfected flavors and warm welcomes.

In addition to our regular restaurant operations, the Dunya Banquet Hall venue is available for reservation to host your next big event!